One of my Universe Today articles made the Technology & Science section of a few days ago. Thanks to Alan Boyle of Cosmic Log. 🙂


A Starbucks Christmas

Credit: Paul Scott Anderson

I just won a pound of Christmas Blend coffee + cannister & mug from my local Starbucks in a draw for their “perfect pairings” event. 🙂

Blog update: email subscriptions

I’ve updated the email subscriptions for the blog. Since now supports built-in email subscriptions, I’ve switched over to that service instead of the other one from FeedBurner. Subscribers can now adjust their subscription settings – either immediate, daily or weekly delivery and choice of html or plain text format.

A subscription form is on the blog in the sidebar where you enter your email address. When you subscribe, you will receive an automatic email which you need to reply to (similar to before) in order to receive any updates. That email also contains links to a page on WordPress where you can adjust your settings.

If you were previously subscribed, I’ve already added your email address to the new service, but you will still need to reply to it as mentioned above.

Coyotes, raccoons and a bear

First, I saw two coyotes a couple Fridays ago when I was at the golf driving range. A fair ways away, so didn’t get too good a look, but you could see they were coyotes, not dogs. First time I’ve seen any.

Then there were three big raccoons on my patio last Friday night! I heard a noise on the patio and looked and saw the first one, then the second appeared and then a third! They were cautious but inquisitive. I went and got my camera but had to put new batteries in and then they had disappeared again. Next time I’ll try again to get photos.

Yesterday, it was reported that there was a black bear only about a block away from my place (I live across the street from the hospital named in the article below), which had come down from the mountains into the city here, which is unusual. I didn’t see it, but others did and it was tranquilized and relocated. There’s an article about it here.

Universe Today

I’ve also now started doing some writing for Universe Today! Exactly what I’ve been wanting to do, as I focus on space exploration and astronomy, and UT is one of the most respected and longest-running web sites of that genre that there is.

My first article is here, an update on the unusual long channels in the Hesperia Planum region of Mars.

Of couse, I will keep writing for my blog The Meridiani Journal too, and for; there will sometimes be crossover between those two, but articles for UT are exclusively original, although I can do a summary on TMJ and link to the full article.